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Meet the Future Monday: TCYA Ambassador, Sorrell Martin of Marshall County, Tennessee

You would be hard pressed to find someone as dedicated to her work and advocating for the agriculture industry as this week's Meet the Future Monday. Sorrell Martin has deep roots in the cattle industry and raising Herefords alongside her mother, and three sisters.

Describe your operation.

I live on a farm in southern middle Tennessee in a house that was built by my great-great-great-grandfather.  We have 40 head of Hereford cattle. 

What have you enjoyed most about growing up on the farm? I really enjoy the peacefulness of living on a farm, and the fact that farm live is a family endeavor. It’s rewarding to watch my former show heifers become production oriented cows.

Who has been your biggest role model in pursuing your farming aspirations? My biggest role model has been my mother.  She has taught me about hard work, determination, and perseverance. 

What are you most passionate about in your business? I am most passionate about being a positive role model and advocate for the beef and cattle industries.  I feel like it’s every producer’s job to be a voice for the agriculture industry.  I am also passionate about improving each year’s calf crop. 

What are some of the greatest challenges that you face as a young farmer? One of the greatest challenges my family faces is being an all-female operation.  Besides the fact that we tend to get too emotionally attached to our animals, we sometimes do not have the physical strength that would make some jobs a lot easier. 

Where do you see yourself and your operation in 10 years? In 10 years, I plan to have graduated from college and have finished law school.  Ideally, I would love to be working for Tennessee Farm Bureau to support Tennessee’s agriculture industry. 

How will you continue to improve and grow your operation? We artificially breed all of our cows so we can introduce new genetics every year.  We make it a priority to choose a bull that best balances the cow’s EPDs and their phenotype.

How do you intend to leave your footprint on the beef industry in Tennessee? I feel like part of my job as Youth Ambassador is to encourage younger kids who are just getting started in the cattle industry, especially if they are showing.  It is important for young people to know they are a valuable part of the cattle industry even if they cannot afford the most expensive heifer or steer. 

What could the existing farmers do most to help future farmers such as yourself? Existing farmers and livestock businesses can continue to support 4-H and FFA members with encouraging words and financial support.

What is your favorite beef dish? I love a New York Strip cooked medium rare or a hamburger fresh off the grill in the summer!






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