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NOTICE: Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association Annual Delegate Session with Resolution Voting

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Taking place on January 23, 2021 in Lebanon at the Ward Ag. Center from 3:30-5:30 pm

Each county affiliate is asked to send in the names of their voting delegates and alternates to the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association in a timely manner. Each county affiliate has a minimum of one delegate. County affiliates receive one additional delegate for every 30 members of the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association from their county. Proxy voting is not allowed. If you have any questions on the Delegate Session or your county’s delegates, please call 615-896-2333 or email Notification of delegates shall be by mail or email. Delegates must be active members of the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association.

County Affiliates designated delegates will be asked to vote on resolutions, open Board of Directors Seats and approve TCA’s annual budget.

One resolution has been presented for consideration at this time from the Grainger County Cattlemen’s Association.

Resolution requesting for state officials to add meat processing training to Tennessee College of Applied Technology curriculum.

Whereas, Tennessee College of Applied Technology currently offers training for various types of skill development throughout the state; and

Whereas, the Covid 19 pandemic has impacted food processing plants Nationwide; and

Whereas, the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic has created a need for skilled meat processing labor throughout the country: and

Whereas, states have identified a need for such skilled training.

Now Therefore be it resolved, that the Grainger County Legislative Body requests state officials to consider recommending and finding such training curriculum through Tennessee College of Applied Technology facilities.

*Additional resolutions can be submitted by county associations for consideration/support by the TCA Resolution Committee until September 30. Resolutions can also be presented at the TCA delegate session by designated county delegates but resolutions that have not be submitted prior to the session for consideration require 75% approval for adoption.

TCA members interested in serving on the TCA Board of Directors are asked to complete an application form. This form will be used by the TCA Nominating Committee to assist in identifying the best slate of candidates for recommendation to fill open positions on the TCA Board of Directors. Contact for the application form or call 615-896-2333 and one will be sent to you.

*Delegate session will be held in conjunction with TCA Winter Meeting. Delegate session is subject to cancellation/rescheduling/virtual due to potential restrictions on meetings due to COVID-19.

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