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Tennessee Cattlemen's Association Holds a Successful Winter Meeting

The Tennessee Cattlemen's Association (TCA) is pleased to announce it hosted a successful winter meeting and trade show, held in Lebanon, Tennessee on January 2-3, 2023.

Over 700 cattle producers from across the state gathered to discuss the latest industry developments and participate in educational workshops. Attendees had the opportunity to hear from a variety of guest speakers, including state officials and industry experts, on topics ranging from cattle health to best management practices. The meeting also featured a successful trade show, where attendees had the opportunity to visit with vendors and learn about the latest products and services available to the cattle industry.

One highlight of the meeting was the presentation by Dr. Temple Grandin, a renowned animal behaviorist and livestock handling expert, who spoke on the importance of proper care of cattle and offered insights on how autism helps her better understand livestock behavior. Additional speakers included Trent Loos, a sixth-generation farmer and radio host, and Jason Brown, a former NFL player turned farmer. Both Loos and Brown shared their experiences and insights on the importance of agriculture and the role of farmers in feeding the world.

Congressman Mark Green, serving Tennessee’s 7th district, addressed the crowd during Monday’s lunch and discussed his work at the federal level on behalf of Tennessee's farmers and ranchers. Other legislators had representatives available on-site for conversations or concerns.

Other speakers included Dr. Troy Rowan of UT Genomics Center, Dave Sjeklocha DVM of Merck Animal Health, Dr. Carrie Castille of UTIA, and Samantha Beaty DVM who is the State Veterinarian for Tennessee.

During the meeting, TCA members voted to increase dues from $30 to $50 in order to help cover expenses and fund more projects. "We are confident that this small increase in dues will allow us to better serve our members and continue to advance the cattle industry in Tennessee," said newly-elected TCA president, Dustin Pearson.

TCA would like to thank Jay Yeargin of Weakley County for his service as TCA president over the last two years and to announce the end of his term that happened at this meeting. “We are grateful for his leadership and dedication to the organization,” said TCA executive vice president, Charles Hord. The association is also pleased to announce that Gary Dering of Fayette County has been elected as president-elect and Dustin Pearson of Washington County was elected president.

In addition to the educational sessions, TCA also offered events for youth, including a Quiz Bowl, speaking and photography contests, and educational workshops. The TCA is committed to supporting the next generation of cattle producers and promoting the growth of the industry in Tennessee.

Also, the Tennessee CattleWomen's Association also held its annual business meeting, which featured a presentation by dairy farmer Stephanie Nash. They also held a fund-raising raffle to support their organization and fund scholarships.

“TCA would like to thank all attendees, speakers, and sponsors for their participation in making this year's winter meeting a success,” said Hord. “We look forward to seeing everyone again this July 21-22 for our summer meeting in Sevierville with details to be announced soon."

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