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Winners Recognized for Year Two of Tennessee Cattlemen's Top Tier Program

The Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association (TCA) and Tennessee Cattlemen’s Youth Association (TCYA) recognized over 30 youth members for their success in the second year of the Tennessee’s Top Tier points program. The winners were recognized at the Alltech/Kubota Youth Awards Banquet during the 35th Annual Tennessee Cattlemen’s Convention and Trade Show in Murfreesboro on Jan. 10.

The Tennessee’s Top Tier program was created by TCA to increase youth involvement at cattle shows across the state and to create more opportunities for agriculture youth to be recognized. The program has continued to grow and draw interest from youth cattle enthusiasts across the state.

“During the second year of the Tennessee’s Top Tier program, we continued to focus on increasing youth participation at cattle shows across the state and rewarding youth for their hard work in the cattle industry,” said Melinda Perkins, TCA Director of Youth Programs and Outreach. “Our Tennessee’s Top Tier exhibitors continue to exceed our expectation with their commitment and competitiveness in the program.”

Participants can receive points in three divisions: heifers, steers, and showmanship. To receive points, exhibitors must be youth members of the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association.

“The Tennessee’s Top Tier program has been a great addition to the show cattle industry in Tennessee the past two years,” said Foster Wingler, Senior Level I showmanship division winner. “I have enjoyed seeing the competitiveness amongst my peers be brought back with the inception of this program”

The following were the top five winners in each division, listed from first to fifth. Top five heifer exhibitors: Kabry Tinin, Lawrence County; Morgan Lehnert, Lawrence County; Dylan Inman, Decatur County; Cole Lehnert, Lawrence County; Morgan Riley, Williamson County.Top five steer exhibitors: Kate Lamon, Giles County; Parker Saum, McNairy County; Mary Carter Shirley, White County; Gage Latham, McMinn County; Evan Jackson, Benton County.Top five Senior Plus Showmen: Morgan Lehnert, Lawrence County; Dylan Inman, Decatur County; (3rd place tie) Kayla Jackson, Wilson County; (3rd place tie) Chas Rowlett, Gibson County; Murray Perkins, Henry County. Top five Senior Level II Showmen: Kaylee Rowlett, Gibson County; Samantha Roberts, McMinn County; Grant Funderburk, Decatur County; Jacob Bell, Dyer County; Kandice Henry, McMinn County. Top five Senior Level I Showmen: Foster

Wingler, Rutherford County; Mason Collins, Marshall County; Morgan Riley, Williamson County; Parker Saum, McNairy County; Weston Rowlett, Weakley County. Top five Junior High Showmen: Lila Sims, Humphreys County; Cole Lehnert, Lawrence County; Maggie Lamon, Giles County; Kendell Latham, McMinn County; RuthAnn Johns, Williamson County.Top five Junior Showmen: (1st place tie) Kabry Tinin, Lawrence County; (1st place tie) Avery Rowlett, Wayne County; Mary Carter Shirley, White County; Clay Pitcock, McMinn County; Evan Jackson, Benton County. Top five Explorer Showmen: Jake Ozburn, Bedford County; Ransom Johns, Williamson County; Haley Poynor, Williamson County; (4th place tie) Ty Maynord, Overton County; (4th place tie) Parker Staley, Lincoln County.

“I really like that the Top Tier program has increased participation and competition at the shows. It makes it more difficult but also more fun to win,” said Lila Sims, Junior High showmanship division winner. “My favorite aspect is showmanship because it is a family effort. I have seen firsthand that I cannot win without the help of my family and friends to help to get my heifers ready for the show ring on show day and at home leading up to the show.”

The third year of the Tennessee’s Top Tier program is now underway. Rules and a full list of shows on the points circuit can be found online at, tncattle.org/youth.

TCA is committed to the future of the beef cattle industry in Tennessee.

TCA was founded in 1985 and has more than 7,000 members from across the state and the southeast. The organization works to provide the cattlemen of Tennessee with an organization through which they may function collectively to protect their interests and work toward the solution of cattle industry problems and to build the necessary goodwill that will bring both governmental esteem and recognition to the industry.

For more information visit www.tncattle.org, email info@tncattle.org or call (615) 896-2333. Be sure to follow the TCA on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/tncattle, Instagram, and Twitter accounts: @TennesseeCattle.





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