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Monday Memo e-Newsletter: TCA's weekly e-newsletter is sent to more than 7,000 subscribers with an open rate of 55%.


  • Top of e-newsletter - $300.

  • In-text of e-newsletter - $250

  • Top of e-newsletter if also advertised in the magazine - $200

  • In-text of email if also advertised in the magazine - $150

  • Top of e-newsletter for two Mondays - $500


Check the available dates with Charles:

Social Media Ads

Tennessee Cattlemen's Association has a strong social media presence, including Facebook (13,000), Twitter (3,000), and Instagram (4,000). Boosting ads on our platforms has been very successful for advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers. 

  • 2 weeks of a boosted Facebook ad (which includes Instagram and sharing to Twitter) - $250


Please send Lauren your image with a caption and link. You may also send a video. Please let her know your preferred two-week timeframe. 

Click here to see our platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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