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Merck Animal Health Continues as Tennessee's Top Tier Program Title Sponsor

The Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association is pleased to announce that Merck Animal Health will once again be the Title Sponsor of the Tennessee’s Top Tier program for 2023. Beginning in May 2020, the program was renamed and designated as the TCA Tennessee's Top Tier sponsored by Merck Animal Health program. With the continued support from Merck Animal Health, the program will continue to operate under this name.

TCA Tennessee's Top Tier (TTT) sponsored by Merck Animal Health is a youth program of the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association (TCA) and Tennessee Cattlemen’s Youth Association (TCYA) that exclusively recognizes and rewards TCYA members for their participation and placings through a series of sanctioned junior cattle shows. The TTT program is designed to increase youth involvement at junior cattle shows in Tennessee, promote commitment to the cattle industry at a young age, and allow youth the opportunity to network with their peers and industry leaders.

“Merck Animal Health prides itself on family and tradition, and we could not think of a better way than to support Tennessee’s next generation of cattlemen through this partnership,” said Justin Hull, Merck Animal Health Territory Manager.

The TTT program is coordinated by the TCA Board of Directors and its staff. TTT strives to provide an environment for friendly competition and success while serving as an opportunity to create the next generation of leaders by educating juniors on beef industry issues, promoting family membership and participation in TCA, and rewarding the successful accomplishments and hard work of Tennessee’s youth cattlemen.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to continue working with Justin Hull and Merck Animal Health through this sponsorship,” said Melinda Perkins, TCA Director of Youth Programs & Outreach. “TCA feels it is important to educate our youth about caring for their show cattle projects and having Merck Animal Health as the title sponsor of the Top Tier program will create that educational component.”

For more information about the TCA & Merck Animal Health Tennessee’s Top Tier program visit If you are interested in learning more about Merck Animal Health and their products, contact Justin Hull,

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